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IMS Abend codes

    U0002 - IMS control region down
          - This indicates that a program has filled the region and
            the region has abended. It may be: 1) A program running in
            the same region as a program that fills a region; 2) Your
            program which has filled the region (either because of a
            program problem like infinite looping or because you have
            not taken a checkpoint for a long time); or 3) A bad
            version of IMS is in place (especially likely if it is
            experienced on a Sunday).

    U0100 - Bad checkpoint
          - Especially after a U0777 restart using the wrong
          - Use a previous checkpoint for the restart

 |  U0102 - IMS cannot find the checkpoint ID when you are restarting
 |          the job.  Here is a list of items to check.
 |           - Check to make sure that the checkpoint ID is the
 |             correct one that you want to use.  Check typing of
 |             checkpoint id.
 |           - Ensure that the jobname of the abend and the jobname of
 |             the restart job are the same.
 |           - The IMS disk log dataset may have been written to tape.
 |             Use the Plano supported IMS Checkpoint VOLSER Locator
 |             (option L.O.I), to find the tape, and data set name of
 |             the IMS tape log.
 |           - Check data set name, tape VOL=SER, for log data set if
 |             IMS log has gone to tape.

    U0136 - A previous program abend has hung up the IMS region
            initiator have MTO stop and start the initiator that the
            job failed in.

    U0144 - BMP abended because there were too many BMP's running at
            one time.  Restart when there are fewer BMP's running.

 |  U0240 - An IMS online program, (MPP), has timed out.  Each and
 |          every IMS online transaction/program has a set time limit
 |          as to how many CPU seconds this program will be allowed to
 |          have.  Once the limit has been exceeded the program will
 |          abend.
 |           - Check for loops in the program
 |           - Check for 'GB', end of data base condition, and make
 |             sure that the program is processing this condition OK.
 |           - Check the Boolean SSA to make sure that you do not read
 |             thru the entire data base to get your result.
 |           - Check your SSA when using secondary indexes and make
 |             sure the names used in the SSA are valid.
 |           - Verify the CPU second limit with the DBA group for the
 |             transaction code.

    U0261 - Could be missing link control statements in CHAMP source
          - Parameter list is not on a full word boundary
           (i.e. 01 level)

    U0295 - Display left in program

    U0428 - PSB not defined in sysgen

 |  U0430 - Not enough region size or region parm is missing, also
 |          DFS0432I and/or DFS0430I message will appear.  Increase
 |          region size or add it.
 |  U0437 - Access Group Name problem
 |        - Logon ID does not have access to AGN
 |        - PSB does not have access to AGN
 |        - AGN parameter missing from JCL
 |  U0452 - the IMS transaction can not be processed because of one of
 |          the following reason:
 |            - the transaction is stopped
 |            - the transaction is locked
 |            - the transaction is already scheduled in another region
 |          To correct this problem make sure that the transaction is
 |          started.  If it is started, check the other regions to
 |          make sure that this transaction is not running in another
 |          region.
 |  U0456 - The program/PSB is stopped, locked, or is marked as
 |          invalid.  Check to make sure that the program is started
 |          and also check that the ACB for this PSB is valid and that
 |          the ACB is in the correct library.

    U0457 - Duplicate PSB in region

    U0458 - Data base is stopped

    U0475 - Usually occurs when you attempt a checkpoint call without
            doing a restart call first.

 |  U0476 - IMS has found a problem between your PCB and your
 |          program's storage areas for the PCB.  Some items to check
 |          are:
 |           - The PSB language specified in the PSB is not the same
 |             as the program language.
 |           - The number and order of the PCB's in your PSB does not
 |             match the the number and order in your program.
 |           - The Address of the PCB's in your program has been
 |             overlaid in your program.
 |           - In a COBOL program, the LINKAGE SECTION must have a 01
 |             level coded for each PCB in the PSB.
 |  U0688 - IMS control program is down and must be restarted before
 |          any BMP processing can be done.
 |  U0718 - The "REGION PARM" on a batch job is too small.  Increase
 |          the region size.

    U0775 - Too much updating in buffers before a checkpoint was taken
          - If one program fills the buffers, others may follow
          - Check to see that the checkpoint counter is incremented at
            every update (ISRT/REPL/DLET) to a data base or GSAM file.
            If so, the maximum updates before a checkpoint is taken
            may need to be reduced.

    U0777 - Data base contention, operator cancelled
          - Restart at last 'unique' checkpoint to avoid duplicate
            check point on restart.

    U0800's - Usually a problem for DBA's
            - Be careful, could be a corrupt data base

 |  U0826 - IMS was unable to open an index data base data set.  Check
 |          for:
 |           - The index data base data set exist.
 |           - The index data base data set name is correct
 |           - The index data base data set DDNAME is correct
 |           - All index data base data set DDNAMEs are present and
 |             correct
 |           - That you have a buffer large enough to hold the data
 |           - Check for a "DFS730I" error message. There will be
 |             additional information with this message.  Use the
 |             reason code given and look into the IMS/ESA Messages
 |             and Code manual for more info.
 |  U0844 - This is a data base full error.  Check the DBDLIB that you
 |          using to make sure it is the correct one.  Also check on
 |          how many records you are adding/inserting.

    U0850 - Exception to U0800's rule
Data Base Administration                                                PAGE 119

Appendix G -- ABEND Codes                                         IMS User Guide
          - Larger buffers are needed to process the job.  Change the
            DFSVSAMP (or equivalent) DD so that it will allocate
            larger buffers.

    U0921 - Requested PSB not found
          - Check to see that you have done your PSB/ACB gen's.

 |  U0929 - IMS has found an error when trying to match the DBD and
 |          the PSB.  Verify that the correct libraries are being used.

    U2082 - Response mode transaction terminated without reply (DFS
          - Good change that you have left displays in your MPP

    U3030 - Duplicate format number used in MFS gen.
          - Format number must be changed. It is best to have DBM
            group scratch that format number and for you to regen both

 |  U3303 - This implies that the data base were not available for
 |          use. Check to see that the databases have been started.
 |           where the ####MODNAME, where #### are HEX NUMBERS
 |           check MFS source code and make sure that
 |                .... MSG  TYPE=OUTPUT,SOR=(MID,IGNORE)
 |                .... and the DEV.. has FEAT IGNORE
 |                 ... the name of FORMAT, MID, MOD do not match
 |  SIMLOGON - An MPP tried to send a message to a device.  IMS sent
 |             the message to VTAM.  VTAM tried to do an "OPEN DEST"
 |             on the device but got no response back.  Check to make
 |             sure the device is up and active, and make sure that
 |             the device you are sending something to is a valid
 |             device.
 |  BMC2849 - VSAM DATASET NOT EMPTY - DDNAME = ????????  BMC Load
 |            Utility when VSAM data set is not properly created.
 |  BMC2660 - OSAM Relative BYTE ADDRESS exceeds 31 BIT capacity
 |            that you are pointing to.

IMS Abend codes - Click here to download

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DB2 Queries

DB2 Queries - Click here to download